What is Seeker Assist?

The new Seeker Assist Feature on your website leads allows you to quickly help a seeker find a quote through iseekplant What's in it for me?

Many of our website customers cannot address every lead they receive through their website, either because they aren’t available or the job doesn't match what they offer.

Many website customers have found the process of responding to every lead they receive time sapping and expensive for their business, particularly if they can't service the job. So they have asked iseekplant if we can build a feature that helps them out.

Seeker Assist lets them simply hit one button which politely replies to the lead on their behalf and quickly helps that person get the quote they were looking for. 

This helps you build your brand's reputation while not using up your or your staff's precious time, that could be better spent elsewhere.

How it Works

  1. You receive a lead from your website
  2. You decide if you can quote on the job or not
  3. If you can’t simply hit “Politely Decline with Seeker Assist”
  4. iseekplant will send the lead an SMS and email politely advising that your business will be unable to quote on the job
  5. iseekplant will step in to help that lead get a quote for their job