What are ‘Your Enquiries’?

Find all your current and historic job leads in the 'Your Enquiries' section of your iSeekplant profile.

The ‘Your Enquiries’ section of your profile acts as the hub for all enquiries that come through your account. You’ll be able to find the contact information for enquiries, gain access to the full job description, send emails and listen to both inbound and outbound calls that have come through your account.

The iSeekplant enquiry system uses auto-generated numbers to:

  1. Help prove ROI for our premium members
  2. Track missed/answered call statistics
  3. Record calls that come through your account
  4. Protect user privacy for historic jobs

Recorded calls:

The benefit of recorded calls means if a call comes through when you're on-site, in the truck or don’t have a pen and paper, you’ll be able to discuss the job knowing you’ll be able to revisit the recording that night. All user admins are able to listen to calls on your account, so it's important to consider who will be a user admin and who will be a general user.

How the number generation system works:

Each time you click on the ‘display phone number’ option on an enquiry in your account, a random tracked mobile number will be assigned to the user and connect directly to the searcher when you call them. The system works very similarly to the concept of a 1300#, so whether a client calls you or you call a client, either way, you’ll be connected to each other!

It is always good practice to ask the supplier or searcher for their contact information once you're on the line with them, as the generated number will only connect to the searcher for 24-48 hours.

Proving ROI:

At any point during your membership, your account manager will be able to pull an ‘Enquiry Report’ for your perusal. In this report, you’ll receive every phone number, email address and enquiry for searchers that have come through your account. This report will also highlight the length of time for each call that has occurred, giving a quick insight into if the call was successful or not.