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Active and Inactive Listings - Unlimited Listings

Find out how Unlimited listings work and how to create them.

What are active and inactive listings?

Active listings are for machines and services that you want to receive job leads for. These are listings you are actively looking to acquire work for. 

Inactive listings are for machines and services you may provide or hire out, but you are not actively seeking work for. 

Why did we make this change?

We know how competitive the market is these days and how crucial it is to stay ahead and seize every opportunity for business growth.

Active listings ensure you get the most relevant job leads for the work you need now.

Inactive listings match you with more lead opportunities so you can see what the demand is for your inactive machines and services.

This way we make sure you see all the opportunities iseekplant has to help you win more work.

Video Transcript

This is how to create an inactive listing

Once you’re in your supplier portal go to the tab ‘My Listings’. 

Click add a machine or service.

Fill out the necessary information regarding your machine or service.

For machines, we recommend at least the size model and wet/dry hire preferences 

Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Then on the pop up choose ‘Save as Inactive’

This has created an inactive listing

This is how to make an inactive listing active

Once you’re in your supplier portal go to the tab ‘My Listings’. Click on the machine or service you want to make active.

Once the listing has loaded you will see a grey toggle with the word Active next to it in the top right corner.

Click the toggle and confirm you want to activate the machine or service.

This will convert the inactive listing to active.